Friday, May 29, 2009

May 24th - May 30th

Sunday May 24: x-country skiied 4 miles in the Ski to Sea Race in Bellingham, WA. 40 minutes

Monday May 25th: 40 minute run in Everson

Tuesday May 26th: no exercise

Wednesday May 27th: no exercise

Thursday May 28th: 40 min run on the Burke Gilman trail. It was super hot! But I logged an 8 minute mile on the last mile!

Friday May 29th: 40 min run with Claire in jogging stroller. She is getting hard to push! Ran from Levi's school to the bridge near Central Market and back to the duck pond. It was already 70 degrees at 10 am. HOT!

Saturday May 30th: 40 min run on the Burke at 9am. Beautiful day, felt strong and ran an 8 min mile at the end. 

Running Goals

Now that my children are older, I feel that I can become something that I used to be, a runner. I love to run. Outside, in the rain or shine, on a treadmill, with Levi on his bike, any form of running is joyful. I have decided that I need a couple of goals. Luckily I am moving to Spokane and then to Portland, two places that host very famous runs.

In Spokane they have Bloomsday and in Portland it is the Portland Marathon. I am setting out a goal to complete both. Let's see how it goes!